15 de set de 2018

Senegal arrival

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We thank the Lord, our God for His power and grace in Jefferson’s life. He took care of him and right now we are back in Senegal. We thank the Lord also for each one of you that prayed and helped us with our finances. We still need to pay 22.000 dollars. And we trust that God will take care of all this debt for us.
We would like to offer God a thanksgiving service for this miracle in Jefferson’s health and also to have fellowship with you brothers and sisters.
The thanksgiving service will be on Sunday September 30 at 5:00 pm in the conference room of the  mission Vision Integrale. (New Tribes Mission in Point E)

I would like to invite you to celebrate with us this day.

If you are able to come we are asking to bring a finger food just to have a special time of fellowship after the thanksgiving service.
The Program will be as follows:
Opening (with a prayer);
Time for Praise;
Testimonies; (Jefferson, Joana, etc)
Prayer of thanksgiving;
The Lord Supper;
Time of fellowship

Address :
Vision Integrale(New Tribes mission)
Rue de Ziguinchor n 2, point E.
(A cote du rond point of the great Porte de l'université cheikh Anta Diop)
God bless you!
Joana Cordeiro

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