23 de set de 2018

Our Arrival in Sedhiou

We arrived in Sedhiou.

Receive therefore one another, even as Christ also received us to the glory of God.  Romans 15: 7

  We have this privilege of serving God and responding to his call to be missionaries in Senegalese lands. After having spent a few days with our children and friends in Dakar, we left for Sedhiou on Tuesday, September 18th.


We arrived very well from travel after two days on the road, 800 km wheeled. We arrived home where we found our friend Radidja waiting for us with everything very clean and in order. What a blessing we have African friends we can count on.
The night of Wednesday we had dined with the Ureel Family who are also missionaries here, and who welcomed us with great affection.


Boku, my best friend and village chief and a Christian, came on Thursday to help me with the weeds that had already grown quite a lot because of the rains. He spent a night with us, and so we could have a time of communion and sharing of what God has done in my life. On this day I was able to install our entire solar system, and now it is working very well.


Our thanks for the prayers, and the Lord has helped us so far. We thank you for our good journey back to Sedhiou and for having seen and experienced the protection of God during this time away from Sedhiou.

Later on, we will be sharing an update of our finances. (We already paid $ 43,000 and we still have $ 22,000 to pay off our debt, we continue to trust the Lord for the total supply of it.)
 And time with the manjack church.

Pastor Jefferson and Joana.

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