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He has already said what He wants , and it comes down to being honest and fair , learn to love mercy , and to be humble before his God . Micah 6:8

Hello everyone,

Our prayer for you is that you are well , walking with God , with a firm faith , your eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus in every circumstance of your life .

If someone asked me what God would like to expect from every human being , I believe the above verse , answers this question very well . Justice , Faithfulness and Humility , these words being the mark of a person walking pleasing God . But the reality is that nobody can walk with these three virtues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year . Now the great and good news is that those who have been washed in the blood of Jesus , whose those lives have been changed , can now walk just as this verse describes God's desire . With the strength of the Lord and trust in Him , I know you can walk this way: honestly , justly, to love faithfulness, and to be humble before God .
Let's walk with God always for the Lord Jesus is with each one of us until the end of time.

We are working together with the goal of reaching people who have not heard of Jesus . The work in Refisque has advanced slowly , Not having always a good number of people gathered  to hear the word , but we are excited about the Bible studies that are being conducted on Thursdays ; On Wednesdays we have assembled to pray and study the scriptures with Nghodhiou Family , our goal is to have new believers worshiping God in that place ( municipality of Rufisque ) . Pray that God will touch the lives of the people who are listening to the word , and that they will get concerned by God’s truth, and come to know and walk in the ways of Jesus .

Joana , thank God she passed on the examination of the state of Senegal to work as a nurse . She got in fifth place in a class of 37 students . Currently she is working in a medical center of the state , as a volunteer . She travels a total of almost 70 km every day (Monday to Thursday ) to serve this population .It has been of great help to the people and also for her to get experience in the field .
Pray for supplies of materials , such as gloves , antiseptics , transportation and tools that are necessary for this work.

We were able to make an important step for our organization here in Senegal . Today we are members of the Evangelical Fellowship of Senegal ( FES ) . We have thus the legal cover before authorities by FES to receive missionaries being exempt from paying the deposit for repatriation in case of need . With this all the missionaries who come to work in Senegal may have your ID card abroad with our organization legally and free of this charge .

Thank God our children are well , studying hard , Daniel , (13 years ) is in seventh grade and Lucas (11 years ) is in fifth grade . We've had meetings at the school where they study to know the structure that school provides for children of missionaries who live in school because parents are working in interior. . We're moving to the village next year and our children will be at boarding school . We were very pleased with the functionality of this structure . Be already praying for this coming change , that God be magnified in everything we do according to his will .

I wish you could be praying for me ( Jefferson ) , because since some time I have felt pain in my knees , finally last week I could go to see an orthopedist. After a radiographic study, it was diagnosed osteoarthritis in both knees due to a bad genetic formation. I am under  a treatment to slow the deterioration . I also have suffered from tendonitis which has increased the pain . Be praying that this tendonitis will be healed soon  so I can be back to my normal activities . The doctor advised to have a stationary bike and swimming, if possible to avoid impact exercises .

Thanks for your support here in Senegal , thanks for the prayers and offerings, because without the involvement of the church , the work does not progress as it should . The work of the church is to bring life in knowing Jesus and this is  why we may give our lives as a living sacrifice daily through everything we do .

Being your hands and feet on the land of Senegalese People.

Jefferson , Joana , Daniel and Luke .


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